AWIG (Asset Wealth Investment Group) is a dedicated investment club focused on building generational wealth through strategic investments in stocks, real estate, and emerging companies.

What makes our club the ultimate choice for your financial journey?

Joining AWIG offers you the unique opportunity to build generational wealth through strategic real estate and stock investments, supported by a collaborative and knowledgeable community. With comprehensive training and consistent returns, AWIG empowers you to achieve financial freedom and secure a prosperous future for your family.


Our residential properties provide comfortable, quality homes designed to meet the needs and budgets of families and individuals, ensuring a welcoming and secure living environment.


Our commercial properties offer prime locations and versatile spaces tailored to the needs of businesses and entrepreneurs, facilitating growth and success in dynamic markets.


Our multifamily properties present lucrative investment opportunities, offering diversified income streams and long-term wealth growth through strategic ownership and management.


Our vacation properties offer the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure, providing unforgettable experiences for families and travelers seeking rejuvenation and exploration.


Our investment strategy focuses on stable, high-yield opportunities in real estate and dividend-paying stocks, ensuring consistent growth and reliable returns for our members.


We prioritize education by offering comprehensive training and resources to enhance financial literacy and empower our members to make informed investment decisions.


Our real estate development projects are designed to create innovative, sustainable spaces that drive community growth and generate substantial returns for our investors.

"If you want to build something big, you have to start with a small step!"

Great achievements are often the result of taking small, deliberate steps over time. By focusing on incremental progress and consistent effort, we can build a strong foundation for future success. Every small step taken today contributes to the development of something truly remarkable tomorrow.


Projects Completed


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Locations Worldwide


Worldwide Clients

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Our Core Values

Integrity: Maintaining honesty and transparency in all dealings. Education: Committing to continuous learning and financial literacy. Collaboration: Encouraging teamwork and mutual support among members. Responsibility: Prioritizing prudent investment and risk management. Sustainability: Focusing on long-term growth and generational wealth. Community: Building a supportive and inclusive community.

A Global Phenomenon

We are increasing our reach.

Recent Investment Property

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